The Newcastle Preschool – Advanced Learning in Draper, UT

Quality education at an early age is an excellent way to start your children off on the right path. Newcastle School in Draper, UT, is a top-rated preschool for children ages two and a half to five years old. Our Pre-K school is located in a prime area and is perfect for those who live in Salt Lake Valley and northern Utah County. Newcastle School was established in 1984 and is a four-time Best of State Winner in Early Childhood Education in Utah. Newcastle School’s carefully balanced and age-targeted curriculum is regarded as Salt Lake’s most comprehensive Pre-K experience.

The Newcastle Preschool bases all of our curriculum and methods on solid science that delivers proven results. Our founders began with a question: what is the best way to teach children how to read?

Over the years, we researched various disciplines and consulted with educators from multiple schools and educational facilities. The founders of Newcastle Preschool discovered that children learn through varying combinations of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic instruction. We worked with reading and retention specialists to design a developmentally appropriate curriculum with an enhanced reading readiness program for preschoolers based on our findings.

Daily Tours

Come visit our preschool to see our curriculum in action. We are located at 12257 South 800 East, Draper, Utah.

Why You Should Choose Newcastle Preschool in Draper, UT

Are you looking for a top-rated preschool for your child? Then Newcastle Preschool in Draper may be a good fit for your family. We have a child-centric approach to education that accommodates the particular way children learn while at the same time coaching them how to learn. This multifaceted method helps them now and serves to support them in the future as they continue their education.

Newcastle School uses a Whole-Child Educational Focus

At Newcastle Preschool in Draper, we have developed a comprehensive, science-based curriculum that is designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience for children. We know that education, recall, retention, and the ability to build on previous information are all crucial aspects of learning. Rather than focusing solely on memorization and recall, we teach children how to learn and expand on what they learn. The Newcastle School ensures your children are prepared for kindergarten and grade school by teaching them good social skills, personal respect, self-worth, and academics, such as reading, writing, music, art, and other subjects. The superior educators at the Newcastle Preschool instill a love of learning, exploration, and new experiences in each child enrolled.

The Newcastle Preschool Utilizes State-of-the-Art Curriculum

As children progress through Newcastle’s cultivated curriculum, they learn letters and sounds through engaging music, games, and hands-on activities. We teach on an individual level as well as group learning sessions for the maximum benefit to your child. As children master the letters and sounds, they begin to combine them to form words and simple sentences. They continue to expand their understanding as they become beginning-level readers and continue to progress, moving from simple to complex. Our structured, multi-sensory language arts program not only teaches students how to read, but also teaches them to love to read.

Your child’s language arts instruction continues to develop and expand through stories, songs, and creative instruction. Furthermore, children are shown through our systematic approach, that reading is imaginative, rewarding, and fun.

Newcastle Preschool in Draper was designed to be the optimal setting for early education for preschool-age children in the Salt Lake Valley. We started with the multi-year process of developing the Newcastle preschool curriculum, and then designed and constructed our building in Draper to be the optimal environment in which to teach our carefully developed curriculum. We are proud to teach children from many communities along the Wasatch Front.

At our top-rated preschool in Draper, we use specialized equipment and teaching materials to accomplish our educational objectives. Our facility has:

  • 8 spacious classrooms, where we teach classes of 12 students at a time.
  • A music room with a piano, which we employ as an invaluable teaching tool.
  • A library with more than 2,000 books
  • Creative materials for tabletop art and writing activities.
  • Treehouses and reading lofts to give children an exciting environment in which to play, learn, and grow.
  • An abundant collection of educational toys and equipment to teach children through the activities they enjoy and want to do anyway.

Tour the Newcastle Preschool Today

Newcastle Preschool has much to offer your child. If you’re interested in enrolling your son or daughter, or you are just getting a better feel for what our preschool is about, you can visit us during school hours at 12257 South 800 East in Draper, UT. Experience our methodology in action firsthand and come to truly appreciate the culture of our unique preschool.

Enhanced Reading & Language Arts