Pre-K Learning for West Jordan, UT

It is never too early to start preparing your child for their education with enrollment in preschool. The Newcastle School near West Jordan, UT, understands how important your child’s mental growth is for success in elementary school and beyond. If you want your children to be prepared for kindergarten, enroll them in preschool early childhood learning today. Our teachers are trained to provide your child with the skills they need to flourish in their future education. We’d be honored to begin your child’s education journey.

When you enroll your child in The Newcastle School, they will start preschool with our hands-on program for their first ten months. During this time, they will be introduced to academics while being strongly encouraged to socialize with their peers. We understand that it can be difficult for new students to adjust to the schedule of preschool. That is why we make sure that your child understands and is accustomed to the mechanics of school.

We will ease your child into common practices they will experience in elementary school, such as following group directions, befriending peers and testing materials in a hands-on setting. Our preschool program is created specifically so they’ll be able to gain a variety of abilities that will be useful for them in the years ahead.

What The Newcastle School Offers

The professional instructors at The Newcastle School and the parents of the children who attend, all have the same goal: to help your children succeed. For this reason, our preschool strives to give your children a positive perspective on education while building their self-esteem and encouraging curiosity. Because our program is designed for children between the ages of three and four, it is both appropriate for their age and starts cognitive growth without being too simple.

Our preschool has class sizes of 12 students, so our teachers are able to add on extra activities for children who need a challenge. While each age group follows similar weekly social studies subjects, every age group has varying activities. The pre-k programs at Newcastle will develop your child’s skill above and beyond what’s recommended for kindergarten.

Reach Out to Us Today

To learn more information about The Newcastle School, take the time to visit our interactive tour page or call us at 801-552-0622. Our location in Draper has helped children in West Jordan and the greater Salt Lake Valley create a passion for education.