It’s probably no secret by now, but class size makes a huge difference in a child’s education; especially during their preschool years. At The Newcastle School, we pride ourselves on keeping our class sizes limited to about 12 students. While you may know some of these benefits already, take a look at our list for more reasons to enroll your preschooler at The Newcastle School, where we value small classes.

Individual Attention

Smaller classes allow teachers to create personalized learning paths and give individual feedback. Teachers are more likely to know their students personally both in terms of where they are on their educational journey as well as what type of learner they are. When teachers have this knowledge they are more able to give every student (and their parents) the tools they need to excel.

Higher Success Rates

Individual attention and personalized learning translate directly to higher success rates across the board. Children who are lucky enough to go to a preschool with small class sizes are less likely to repeat grades later in their education. Small classes give preschoolers what they need in order to start kindergarten with a solid educational foundation as well the social skills they need to succeed.

More Time for Teaching

When there are fewer children in a class, it allows teachers and aids to spend less time managing students and more time teaching them. As any parent of a preschooler knows, kids move quickly and require near constant attention. When a teacher has a smaller number of children to take care of they can focus more on learning rather than supervising behavior.

Good for Socialization

Strong classroom communities are created when class sizes are limited. Making this a priority may allow preschoolers to have an easier time truly connecting and sharing with one another. Shy students may be more likely to speak up and contribute ideas in smaller groups, and every child will be able to learn how to listen to each other. Small class sizes create communities of learners rather than just groups of individual students.

Personalized feedback

Students and parents can expect feedback that’s more personalized from a preschool that regulates its class sizes. When a teacher isn’t stretched to the max of their capabilities to simply facilitate learning, they can take more time to create personal lessons and skill building opportunities for each student. Small class sizes also create an opportunity for parents and guardians to speak often with teachers and to be directly involved with their preschooler’s education.