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                                                          The Newcastle School, Founded 1984

                                                                 The Newcastle School, Founded 1984

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For a quarter of a century, the school has offered preschool courses for children ages 3-5. 

The Newcastle Preschool is considered by many to be the most comprehensive preschool experience in the Salt Lake Valley and has been named the Best of State Utah several times.  

The Newcastle School’s mission is to provide a high quality preschool experience for children ages Two through Five years of age with well-trained and caring teachers who create a fun and welcoming environment for students and families of all backgrounds. We pride ourselves in offering a state-of-the-art Preschool curriculum at a reasonable cost so that all children in our community have the opportunity to enter the school system Kindergarten-ready

The best way to learn about and appreciate the culture of the preschool is to drop in and visit on a regular school day. Visitors and Parents are always welcome.