1978 Kathleen’s First Class

Kathleen’s First Public School Class (1978)

Kathleen’s first public school teaching position was right up her alley – a behavior handicapped 1st-2nd split in a cluster unit at Redwood Elementary School in the Granite School District. Kathleen would teach at this school for the next five years.

Kathleen's First Class at Redwood Elementary

Kathleen’s First Class at Redwood Elementary

Just before that first year, she was in an automobile accident which left her with a severely broken arm. She taught her entire first year with a cast and a sling.

Though 23 years old, Kathleen looked much younger. She recalls being regularly mistaken for a 6th grader by Clarence the janitor and scolded to get back to class each time he caught her in the hall.

Here she is in a vintage 1978 Polaroid with her six special students. This was tough duty. She loved the challenge and she loved the children.

Like all Kathleen’s students over the next 30 + years, these kids appear to be wearing paper plates on their heads.

The use of disposable dinnerware as creative apparel would become a Newcastle School trademark over the years.