Miss Lisa May (1985-1996)

Lisa May was an outstanding teacher who taught at Newcastle for many years.

1985-Lisa-May-Class-Web-size_largeLisa (far right) was a young college student in the mid-80s. She later got married and had two children, Taylor and Malia who both attended our Draper school in the mid-90’s. Lisa taught off and on at Newcastle during that decade or so.

Well, here’s where it gets interesting. Kathleen had been trying to get Lisa’s mother Mari Lin Cox to teach. Finally, 13 years after this class picture of teacher/daughter Lisa was taken teacher/mother Mari Lin began teaching at our Draper school. Of course mother Mari Lin became the famous Miss Mari Lin who taught from 1997 and was still teaching in 2010 when this page was composed. We are grateful for these dedicated long-term teachers who have been a big part of our life and our school’s success.