Daily Fitness and Outdoor Play

Running, jumping, climbing and outdoor games help preschool children develop in ways that are just as important as classroom academics. Newcastle Preschool in Draper Utah has a large and unique outdoor playground designed specifically for 3-5 year olds.

Preschool students play outdoors every day at Newcastle.

Preschool students play outdoors every day at Newcastle.


Outdoor physical activity is healthy and fun and is an integral element of whole child development
Students at Newcastle preschool spend time outside almost every day. Newcastle’s playground is a creative experience and students are able to use it year-round, even in the snow.

The highlight of the playground is a large multi-level tree house that wraps around a 100 year old Locust tree. The tree house serves as both climbing equipment and a dramatic play area. A 240 square foot covered sandbox is equipped with an abundance of sand toys and can be used year-round. A miniature basketball court allows even four year olds the opportunity to slam dunk. A cement replica of the State of Utah is used for children to drive matchbox cars on roads, through tunnels and over mountains. The playground also features a replica of a ship, a dome climber, slides and in warm weather, a water table.

Students and teachers often play organized group activities such as four square, hopscotch and parachute games.

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