No school on these three days because we have class musical programs taking place at Draper Theater. The theater is just a block from the school at 900 East 12370 South. Your December newsletter has your child’s program time. Bring the family and your camera. This is very cute and very fun.

Please arrive at the theater about 10 minutes before your scheduled time.  Siblings and grandparents welcome.  Most children dress slightly more formal than school clothes.

2013 Full schedule for all three days:

Wednesday, Dec. 18

9:00       MWF PM Miss Debi  and  MWF PM Miss  Kathy E

10:15     MWF AM Miss Debi and 5-Day PM Miss Monica

11:30     MWF AM Miss Jeri    and  MWF AM Miss Monica

12:45     MWF AM Miss Dawn and  MWF AM Miss Margaret

2:00       MWF PM Miss Dawn  and  MWF PM Miss Heidi


Thursday, Dec. 19

9:00       TTH AM Miss  Ashley and  TTH AM Miss  Juliette

10:15     TTH PM Miss Charlotte and  TTH PM Miss Juliette

11:30     TTH AM Miss Kathy E  and TTH AM Miss Heidi

12:45     TTH AM Miss Shelby and  TTH AM Miss Megan

2:00     TTH PM Miss Shelby and TTH PM Miss Megan


Friday, Dec. 20

9:00      MWF AM Miss Linda  and MWF AM Miss  Kelli

10:15     MWF PM Miss Linda   and  MWF PM Miss Kathy S

11:30     MWF PM Miss Natalie and  TTH PM Miss Julia

12:45     TTH AM Miss Erin and TTH AM Miss Lisa

2:00      TTH PM Miss Erin and  TTH PM Miss Lisa