Our Top Pre-Kindergarten Program near Midvale

If your child is between 3 and 4 years-old, it’s best to start their schooling before kindergarten. At The Newcastle School near Midvale, UT, give your child a love of learning from an early age and skills to achieve educational excellence.

In The Newcastle School, students ages 3-4 are involved in a ten month curriculum which provides a forward to academics with a significant emphasis on socialization. At Newcastle, children learn the mechanics of school, connecting with peers and studying.

Attending preschool provides children with first experiences like observing group directions, socializing with peers and exploring materials in an applied situation. Our programs make sure that students are included in a balanced, stimulating ten-month experience that is structured to teach them a wide variety of skills and notions.

What Our Preschool Offers

The Newcastle School wants your child to be successful. The syllabus for our 3-4 year-old students focuses on developing positive attitudes towards learning, boosting self-worth and molding curiosity. We designed this educational program directly for the pre-k age group to be suitable for their age and cognitive development.

Our small classes only have 12 students, enabling us to insert supplemental activities when needed for some students who need more of a challenge. All age groups at our school use the same, standardized weekly social studies topics, but each age group participates in separate age-appropriate activities. The pre-k programs at Newcastle develop children’s skills far past what is recommended before attending kindergarten.

Learn More about our Pre-K Program

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To learn more about us, visit our free interactive tour page or call 801-553-0622. We have assisted students from Midvale and throughout Utah gain the tools they need for a lasting love of education. Our location in Draper is only a short drive for a great preschool. Call us today to see if The Newcastle School is right for you and your little one.