Early Preschool Education for Sandy, UT

If you have a 3 to 4-year-old, it’s time to start their early child learning immediately. It’s never too early to enroll your child into a pre-k program. The Newcastle School has the expertise you need to teach your children the right skills for educational accomplishment. We’ll start your children on their lifetime journey of learning.

When your child comes to The Newcastle School, they’ll be enrolled into a hands-on ten-month program that provides an introduction to academics, while strongly focusing on socialization. Our expert teachers will make sure that your children understand the mechanics of school. Your children will also get to practice connecting with their peers.

Your child will experience many firsts at preschool, such as following group directions, making friends with peers and testing materials in a hands-on setting. Our preschool is created to provide students with a diverse, appealing ten-month program. We structure our programs so they’ll gain an extensive range of abilities.

What Our Preschool Offers

You want your child to succeed. At Newcastle, we do too. Our programs concentrate on helping students form a positive outlook on education, enhancing self-esteem and creating curiosity. Our program is created specifically for children within the ages of 3 and 4. It’s both appropriate for their age and cognitive growth while not being too simple.

Our class size is typically around 12 students, ensuring that we can insert extra activities for students who need a challenge. All age groups at our school use identical, uniform weekly social studies subjects, but each group engages in separate age-appropriate activities. The pre-k programs at Newcastle will develop your child’s skill above and beyond what’s recommended for kindergarten.

Contact Us

For more information about The Newcastle School, visit our free interactive tour page or call 801-553-0622. We are located in Draper, and we have helped children in Sandy and throughout the greater Salt Lake Valley gain the skills they need for a lifelong passion for education.