Best Preschool Curriculum in Draper, UT

Preschool is designed to help children between the ages of 3 and 4 learn new skills for educational accomplishment and lifelong learning. At The Newcastle School in Draper, UT, we put together a program that helps provide your little ones with the tools to reach developmental milestones from an early age.

Our preschool curriculum involves covering a set of subjects spanning ten months. In this time, we’ll provide an introduction to academics with a significant emphasis on socialization. Your child will be taught the basics of various school topics and get acclimated to a classroom structure. This gives them the chance to interact and cooperate with peers as they work on different assignments together. Going to preschool provides small children with important first experiences like being part of a group and obeying instructions. In doing this, they’re also getting used to socializing with peers and using materials in an applied situation such as arts and crafts.

The comprehensive and award-winning program we offer ensures that students will have the opportunity to participate in a varied and dynamic classroom experience. They will learn new concepts and gain a wide range of abilities that will be beneficial to them as they continue their education in an elementary school setting.

Preschool at The Newcastle School

If you’re looking for the best preschool costs in Draper, you’ve come to the right place. At The Newcastle School, we offer the most value for your tuition dollars. Our four-time best-of-state curriculum is based on the science of learning for children of this age range and it is proven to help them retain new information. It also meets the educational standards of widely recognized educational organizations including the Utah State Office of Education and the Canyons School District. Get your child started off on the right foot by enrolling them in our program. Here, they’ll learn to be independent, emotionally intelligent, and learn basic conflict resolution skills by interacting with their peers. Through the various topics we cover, children are given purposeful direction that teaches them the importance of achieving a goal. You’ll soon see your child grow by leaps and bounds after they’ve been in our program and received the kind of attention they need to be motivated to learn.

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Is Preschool Worth the Cost?

Our small classes only have 12 students, allowing us to include supplemental activities when possible or required for specific students who need more of a challenge. All age groups at our school use the same, uniform weekly topics such as social studies, basic math, reading, and more. However, each age group participates in separate developmentally appropriate activities that will be more engaging to them. We understand that children learn best by doing, so we teach the preschool curriculum in a hands-on way. The social aspect of our small classes mixed with the diverse and fun topics we cover, all make for the most productive learning environment for preschoolers.

Parents whose children have participated in our program would agree that it is well worth the cost of attending. We use a research-based curriculum to enhance their skill set far past what is recommended before attending kindergarten. Different preschools can vary widely in price depending on what program your child is enrolled in. For this reason, it becomes less about whether you should pay for their education and more about what they’re getting out of it. Our teachers are trained and attentive professionals who will make your child’s time here worthwhile by ensuring that they grow the emotional intelligence and social skills needed to do great in school.

What Makes Our Preschool the Best?

The Newcastle School wants your child to be successful and we aim to make early childhood education accessible to more families by offering affordable prices. This is part of the reason why we’re widely considered to have the best preschool curriculum in Draper, UT. We bring more value at a cost that makes sense for family budgets and we do so by focusing on growth and developing a positive outlook on education from an early age. This means that we incentivize learning, which has the added benefit of boosting self-esteem and shaping inquisitiveness. We took a strategic approach when planning our program so that it would be developmentally appropriate for children in this age group. We’ve put together a curriculum that is challenging, yet it still allows our little students to learn at a pace that they feel comfortable with. This style of learning is more engaging and helps children retain information and gather new skills with hands-on activities. We stand out from other programs due to our commitment to quality education because we know that what they learn now will set the stage for lifelong learning.

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Our preschool has helped children in the Draper, UT, area gain the skills they require to develop a lifelong passion for education. It all starts here, with our enhanced language arts program that includes reading and literacy for young children. It also combines an entry level look at math, science, and music without forgetting the importance of free play. Playtime learning is an important part of learning because it gives children the opportunity to be creative and use their imagination. It’s never too soon to start introducing certain concepts that will act as the building blocks for the rest of your child’s education. Our balanced approach to education makes us the best preschool around. For more information about The Newcastle School’s curriculum and costs, contact us today at 801-553-0622 to schedule a tour of our facility. See for yourself what your child stands to gain from our program by getting in touch with us today.