3-4 Preschool Reading, Writing & Lite

During this 3-4 year, preschoolers learn that letters have names. They consequently learn that letters can be combined to tell stories. For 3-4 year olds, we limit our presentation to upper case letters and we purposefully associate these symbols to literature and vocabulary through stories and hands-on social studies activities.

Newcastle’s Reading Philosophy


Each week, students practice letter recognition on paper by making a block letter collage and exploring through multi-sensory activities such as letter pillows and object bags. Listening, rhyming, and language experience stories give these young learners the sense that the pictures and symbols around us have meaning. Writing activities begin with tracing sandpaper letters and numbers and progress to paper and crayon work at each child’s individualized pace. Literacy songs, games and hands-on learning centers increase each child’s attention-span and independent learning skills. newcastle_selections_35-200x300