Best Preschools In Lehi, UT

Preschool can be an advantageous experience for children three and four years of age to develop good social skills that last a lifetime. The New Castle School is often rated among the best preschools in Lehi, UT, and we’re passionate about giving children the framework to succeed now and into the future.

The Newcastle preschool in Lehi, Utah, gives children a timely introduction to academics and socialization. Our dynamic ten-month program focuses on learning to follow group instructions, positively interact with their peers, and use materials in an applied situation. Give your children fun with a purpose by enrolling them in the Newcastle Lehi preschool program.

How Preschool In Lehi, Utah, Benefits Your Child

It might sound scary to part with your child of three or four years of age for several hours a day, but measurable data shows that preschool gives children unique advantages throughout their lives. Preschools in Lehi are proficient at introducing young children to concepts and notions to prepare them for academic and social success later in life. The Newcastle School limits class sizes to 12 students for more one-on-one instruction and stimulation.

By choosing to give your child an early start and sending them to preschools in Lehi, you will generate many potential benefits later down the road, including:

  • Develop Better Ability To Learn – Playing with other children is immensely important to shaping young minds to be more open to academic concepts in the future. The Newcastle preschool in Lehi, UT, introduces children of three to four years of age to basic academic concepts in reading and math in a fun, interactive, and stimulating environment that is appealing. Combining learning and social play now will foster more curiosity to learn complex concepts in the future.
  • Develop Social Skills – Family time is necessary, but young children must develop social skills around new people and in new environments. Getting them used to interacting outside of their everyday routine will establish stronger empathy for their fellow citizens and community members tomorrow.
  • Develop Self-Regulation And Self-Discipline – Our Lehi preschool provides a fun and stimulating environment and a sense of structure that guides young minds to make good decisions that positively affect their learning and societal development. Your child will be learning at a young age how to self-regulate and self-discipline themselves in ways that enhance their lives in the future.

The Newcastle Lehi preschool is an excellent way to give your child a leg up in social skills, academics, and positive behavior to be productive and happy. Developing these positive traits early has been shown to reduce the chances of incarceration, increase earnings, and raise the academic potential of people later in life.

What Curriculum Does The Newcastle School Offer?

Age three to four is an excellent time to begin challenging children for future academic and social success. We’ve developed an age-appropriate curriculum at the Newcastle School to do just that. Class sizes for their age group are limited to 12, so instructors can devote time effectively and use supplemental activities to challenge each individual. The goal of mental and social development is to surpass what is commonly recommended for kindergarten. Studies within our curriculum include:

  • Reading, Writing, And Literacy – Children are introduced to letters and their purpose in communication and stories. Activities include practice with letter recognition by making block letter collages, listening, rhyming, and other sensory experiences.
  • Math, Art, And Science – Children explore in groups and individually concepts related to quantity, size, form, and numerical relationships. Children also get to express themselves in many mediums, including clay and paint.
  • Music, Food, And Play – Children are immersed in music daily. New songs are learned based on our social studies topics. Children perform two off-site musical presentations for their parents each year.

The Newcastle School Keeps Parents Informed And Empowered

The Newcastle School takes every step to inform parents of their child’s progress in our Lehi, Utah preschool. A class orientation is held in August, where parents can meet their child’s classmates and teacher. At the August orientation, parents receive information on video, a written orientation, and an annual calendar of important preschool events.

Throughout the school term, parents are kept up to date on their child’s progress and areas needing improvement. In late September, teachers contact parents to give a full report of their child’s progress. Each month, a newsletter is sent out with information on upcoming activities.

Skills assessments are conducted every January and May and given to parents. Parent-teacher conferences are made available upon request. Parents are also encouraged to visit classes to volunteer assistance and observe first-hand the environment and curriculum offered by the Newcastle School.

Preschool Cost In Lehi

Preschool cost in Lehi with the Newcastle School is on the low end compared to the national average of $372 to $1100 monthly. Pricing here varies by the services and care you want your child to receive and how many days a week they will attend. You can find a breakdown of preschool cost in Lehi at the Newcastle School here.

Preschool cost in Lehi is generally affordable, but it’s the value of what you get for your money that truly matters. The Newcastle School instills new academic and social skills in children that can carry them through life successfully:

  • Independence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • The ability to give and take
  • Purpose
  • The importance of completing an action
  • Working with peers

Giving your child a headstart in developing these traits has a significant ROI in future life that more than covers the price of tuition.

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The child-focused curriculum at the Newcastle School has helped us be Voted Best of State. We now offer the best preschools in Lehi, UT, to reach more parents and help develop academic and social readiness in children to help them succeed throughout life. If you’re interested in making a solid investment in your child, contact the Newcastle preschool in Lehi, Utah, at 801-553-0622.