The Newcastle School In Riverton, UT, Prepares Your Child For A Lifetime Of Success

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Now is the time to begin aiding the development of children aged 3 to 4 for future academic and social success. Early childhood education in Riverton, UT, from The Newcastle School will set the stage for a lifetime of learning and positive relationships for your child. The Newcastle School operates the best preschools in Riverton, UT, with smaller class sizes and an age-specific curriculum that fosters a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Preschool cost in Riverton at The Newcastle School is competitive with surrounding schools but offers much more value for your money. Make an investment in your child’s future by starting their most important journey in life now. Enroll them into The Newcastle School in Riverton, UT, by calling (801) 553-0622.

The Importance Of Early Childhood Education

Seeking early childhood education in Riverton, UT, is one of the best things you can do for your child. Studies show that young children who begin developing social and academic skills young (3 to 4) are less likely to be incarcerated and have a better chance of earning higher wages as adults. The Newcastle School operates the best preschools in Riverton, UT, for instilling a love of learning early on and the development necessary for becoming better citizens in their communities. The benefits of preschool include:

  • Better prepared for kindergarten
  • Learning to share
  • Learning to socialize
  • Learning how to follow directions
  • Emotional development
  • Acquire improved motor skills
  • Foster a love of learning and curiosity
  • Academic structure develops the brain for future academic success

What Sets The Newcastle School Apart In Riverton, UT?

Parents have several options for early childhood education in Riverton, UT, but The Newcastle School takes a different approach that delivers better results. We offer a ten-month program for pupils ages 3 to 4. Young children are immersed in a student-centered environment for an introduction to academics and socialization that will prepare them for future classrooms and interactions. Our methods are designed to connect children to academic concepts and their peers in ways that establish a framework today that can be built on tomorrow.

The Newcastle School age-appropriate curriculum for children 3 to 4 includes:

Because we have the best preschools in Riverton, UT, we’re excited to share children’s progress with their parents. We have a steady calendar of events, parent-teacher conferences, and ways for parents to be involved with their child’s early education.

Preschool Cost In Riverton

The average national cost for preschool is between $372 to $1100. Preschool cost in Riverton at The Newcastle School falls between the national average. You can view more pricing information here.

The benefits of early childhood education far outweigh the competitive attendance pricing at The Newcastle School in Riverton, UT. We believe the social skills and an introduction to academic life children develop at The Newcastle School are priceless and deliver returns parents will see for years to come.

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3 to 4 years of age is when children can begin developing the social skills and academic structure for later life. Preschool fosters a lifetime love of learning and curiosity, making later schooling rewarding and enjoyable. If you’re looking for the best preschools in Riverton, UT, The Newcastle School has devised an approach that works. Smaller class sizes and our age-appropriate curriculum will push your child to be their best selves. Make a lasting investment in their future by contacting The Newcastle School of Riverton, UT, at (801) 553-0622.