Preschool in Salt Lake City, UT

Enrolling your child in preschool makes all the difference as they continue to kindergarten and beyond. The Newcastle School, located in the Salt Lake City, UT, area, has a leading preschool program that will give them a step up by teaching your child the fundamentals of various topics. They will be acclimated to a classroom environment and learn to socialize with their peers. Our small class sizes are ideal for children in their age group to receive the kind of attention they need from our dedicated instructors. See for yourself what makes us the best preschool in the area and how we can help your child develop new skills that’ll benefit their individual growth.

The Best Science-Based Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool is considered one of the best in Salt Lake City because of our comprehensive curriculum that’s developmentally appropriate for children 3 and 4 years old. We take a scientific approach that teaches lessons hands-on, engaging them and piquing their interest in different topics. Doing activities is how children learn best, and we incorporate that when we teach the fundamentals of reading, math, music, and more. We aim to create an environment of growth where kids can gain confidence in their newfound skills and learn how to interact with peers in a classroom setting.

Preschool sets the foundation for lifelong learning, making it so important to put your child in a quality program. The Newcastle School is a four-time Best of State winner for our excellent curriculum that covers a wide range of topics in a fun and exciting way. Our program adheres to high standards set forth by the Canyon School District, the Utah State Department of Education, the American Association for the Education of Young Children, and other recognized organizations.

This is some of what you can expect from our curriculum:

Preschoolers in our program can learn about various topics with the support of trained instructors who provide the attention they need to succeed. Early childhood education gives kids a step up in that they prepare for kindergarten and begin taking an interest in education from the time they’re little. Give your child the opportunity to make the most of the time in preschool by enrolling them at The Newcastle School.

Affordable Preschool Costs for Families

Preschool costs can vary based on several factors like location, class size, curriculum, and time spent in class. While some parents may wonder if it’s worth paying for kindergarten, the proper question should be whether the quality justifies the price. It’s never too early for children to begin learning and making strides in their developmental growth, from building their own self-esteem to socializing and building cognitive skills. Early childhood education has many benefits, but not all programs are made the same.

The Newcastle School offers a comprehensive curriculum by trained instructors who are interested in seeing your child grow by leaps and bounds. We are focused on your child’s education as well as making it a worthwhile investment for you as a family. Our preschool costs are uniform, with different class times available to suit your schedule. We maximize your child’s ability to grow, learn, and develop new skills in our award-winning program that teaches kids in the way they learn best—by doing! The hands-on approach we take lets kids explore arts and crafts, music, food, and so much more.

Our cost-effective preschool program will give your child the basic tools to become emotionally intelligent, cooperate with classroom instructions, and make new friends. You will notice that they truly benefit from their time spent in class and leave our program having learned skills that make them ready to enter kindergarten. They’ll be introduced to topics and habits they can continue to build on as they get older and advance through school. We have a highly rated program that’s well-suited for children ages 3 and 4 to get them acclimated to the structure of a classroom environment and the mechanics of school.

Preschool at The Newcastle School

The Newcastle School offers a preschool program that is considered to be among the best in Salt Lake City. We ensure that our curriculum and instructors always meet the highest quality standards, making us one of the top programs in the area. We offer an education that’s better than most because of our small class sizes, which are limited to 12 students each, which allows for more one-on-one attention. We provide a comprehensive learning experience with supplemental activities for those students who need an added challenge.

Our goal is to have our students far surpass what is recommended for them before attending kindergarten. They will begin with understanding what is expected of them in a classroom atmosphere and are ready to dive into new topics once again. We focus primarily on socialization to help kids cooperate with teachers, make friends, and work together to accomplish tasks while learning new skills. Our science-based approach will engage them in their education and help them retain new information for the best possible experience. Put your child at an advantage by enrolling them at our preschool today.

Register for Our Preschool in Salt Lake City

For a comprehensive curriculum and affordable preschool costs, turn to The Newcastle School near Salt Lake City. We help children get the most out of their preschool education with small class sizes and individualized attention that gives them a challenge while still making learning fun. Preschool gives children the advantage of building new skills from an early age and preparing them for bigger and better challenges year after year. Contact us today at (801) 553-0622 to schedule a tour and learn more about enrollment.