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The Newcastle School is a highly rated preschool in the South Jordan, UT, area. If you are looking for an excellent facility to begin your child’s education, we are your solution. Our educational program is perfect for preschool aged children between 3-4 years old because we focus on providing your kids with an introduction to academics and socialization. We get them acclimated to the structure of a school environment in a fun and nurturing way that keeps them engaged and helps them retain information. Our preschool program will prepare our students with tools for educational success and a love of learning that endures.

Preschool offers children with many first-time experiences. Our curriculum at Newcastle is designed to foster a sense of self-reliance and self-empowerment to last a lifetime. Through a variety of developmentally appropriate preschool exercises and activities, we promote cognitive growth and development. Our experienced and attentive instructors teach them to follow directions and processes, and interact socially with their peers. Our ten-month program is an engaging preschool experience developed with kids in mind.

Preschool at The Newcastle School

Preschool sets the foundation for lifelong learning and we aim to help your child succeed academically and socially. Our syllabus for our 3 to 4 year old students concentrates on building positive perspectives towards learning, improving confidence, and developing curiosity. We designed our academic program directly for this age group, so they can gain new skills at a pace that’s still challenging. While it isn’t too easy, the program is appropriate for their age and cognitive growth.

Our class size is limited to approximately 12 students, which enables us to modify activities as it becomes appropriate for individual students who excel when they are challenged. Each class utilizes the same standardized weekly social studies subjects. However, each age group participates in separate age-appropriate activities. The preschool programs at Newcastle increase a child’s skills past typical Pre-K requirements.

Preschool Costs and Curriculum

Our preschool costs are uniform with different class times available to fit in with your schedule. We believe in making this a solid investment by offering a preschool curriculum that allows your child to learn, develop, and grow by leaps and bounds. Early childhood education is essential in preparing children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond, so the costs are well worth it for a quality education. Our award-winning curriculum offers a well-rounded experience that adheres to the standards of the local school district, the Utah Department of Education, and respected organizations like the American Association for the Education of Young Children. 

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We have helped students from South Jordan and throughout the Salt Lake Valley gain the tools they require to succeed in school. We instill a lasting love of learning and appreciation for education from a young age. The Newcastle School aims to offer the best preschool experience with hands-on activities that keeps kids engaged and makes learning fun. Get in contact with us at 801-553-0622 to schedule a tour and learn more about enrollment.