4-5 Math, Art & Science

Throughout the Pre-K year, each student enjoys exploring, manipulating and learning in our pre-kindergarten math, science and art areas. Group and individual centers provide opportunities to question and experiment as children learn about patterns, graphs, sorting, classifying, number recognition, counting, shapes, colors, and numeral writing. Concepts are introduced progressively throughout the year. pre-k-3-math-game-300x225 During this year, children practice writing, recognizing and understanding the numbers 1-20. Each day in circle time, the students work at the calendar to build patterning and sequencing skills as well as reinforce counting to 30. Students are given the opportunity to problem solve and learn about the world around them as they express themselves through many mediums such as painting, gluing, collages and other pre-kindergarten art forms. Projects are new to them and more complex than those presented the previous year. Pre-kindergarten science activities are incorporated into learning centers throughout the year.