Preschool near Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Do you have a child between age 4 and 5? The Newcastle School can prepare your child with equipment for educational success and a long-lasting passion for learning at an early age.

In this preschool, students ages 4-5 participate in pre-kindergarten programs designed to achieve kindergarten readiness. These programs are forward-looking and allow children to build up a skill set that goes incrementally further than what they were taught during the 3-4 preschool year. The Newcastle School is located in Draper, so we are a well-situated pre-k curriculum for residents of Salt Lake City, Sandy and Cottonwood Heights.

Attending preschool gives children with initial experiences like listening to group instructions, talking with classmates and using supplies in a hands-on situation. Our curriculums make certain that students get involved in a balanced, stimulating ten-month educational experience that is engineered to teach them a comprehensive scope of strengths and wisdom.

What Our Preschool Provides Children

The Newcastle School wants your child to succeed. All age groups use uniform weekly social studies themes throughout the year, but each participates in separate age-appropriate activities. Our pre-kindergarten methods for 4-5-year-olds emphasize realistic experiences and learning moments. Students become enthusiastically interested in new learning materials, art and music while making conclusions that are more difficult than those they made in the 3-4 preschool year.

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  • Preschool Reading, Writing and Literacy
  • Preschool Math, Art and Science
  • Preschool Music, Food and Play
  • Preschool Communication and Assessments
  • Preschool Parent Participation

Have questions about what your 4-5-year-old should know before going to kindergarten? Here are some ideas:

Canyons School District Checklist: What your child should know before kindergarten

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To find out more about us, visit our free interactive tour page or call us 801-553-0622. We have helped students from Murray, Sandy, Draper and throughout Utah gain the skills they need for a long-lasting passion for education.