Early Childhood Learning Center Near Bluffdale, UT

Our center offers an early preschool education centered around doing fun activities that engage children in learning. At The Newcastle School near Bluffdale, UT, we know early learning is a vital part of any child’s ability to grow and learn at a developmentally appropriate pace. Education is essential, and it all starts with learning fundamental skills that they can carry with them as they progress through school. It teaches kids how to work together, and it also creates a sense of pride in their achievements. We encourage you to learn more about our early child development program to see how your child stands to benefit from our curriculum.

Reach New Milestones in Our Development Program

Our early childhood development program nurtures new skills in preschoolers ages 3 to 5. It’s a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on games and playtime fun. Kids learn best by doing hands-on activities like counting blocks, singing the alphabet, and teaching colors through painting. There are endless ways to teach new skills and introduce the structure of a classroom environment using more engaging methods. Your child will get to socialize with peers and build their self-confidence while setting a foundation for lifelong learning. It’s never too early to take an interest in education, so sign up today

A Curriculum Designed for Early Childhood Learning

We understand that a preschool education will introduce many concepts that our little students may not have seen before. Our teachers are attentive and care about learning at a pace that is beneficial for every one of our students. We make learning fun by organizing our curriculum around games that involve basic math, learning letters, and recognizing patterns. The activities we do as part of our early childhood learning are meant to spark creativity and curiosity as well as get them accustomed to being in a school-like setting. Sign up for enrollment and see for yourself why our research-based curriculum has won us four Best of State awards.

Early Childhood Education Creates a Solid Foundation

As an early childhood learning center, The Newcastle School sets the standard for preschools in the Bluffdale, UT, area. We offer a comprehensive and recognized curriculum, but we also have a welcoming environment that’s friendly and family-focused. Our extensively trained and experienced teachers care about the well-being of your children and providing them with a quality education. We focus our attention on ensuring that everyone has fun, cooperates, and gets the most out of our early childhood education curriculum. We foster their interest in gaining knowledge and cultivate skills that will serve them well as they go on to elementary school.

Register for Our Preschool Online Today

Take a tour of our early childhood learning center near Bluffdale to see the setting in which your child will make friends and learn new skills. Discuss the learning plan with our teacher and get peace of mind knowing your child will be under the supervision of a trained and competent professional. Registration for preschool is now available on our website, and we welcome you to sign up and learn more today!