Early Childhood Learning Center in Cottonwood Heights, UT

Make preschool education a fun first experience for your child by signing them up for The Newcastle School. We’re an early childhood learning center located near Cottonwood Heights, UT, that offers a robust curriculum intended to prepare our little students for kindergarten. We’ve been named Utah’s Best of State several times and we have attentive teachers who pride themselves in taking a caring approach to education. You’ll notice that we thoughtfully structure our days to incorporate play into our lessons, which makes learning fun for everyone! Speak with us to learn more about what early childhood learning is all about and get your child signed up today.

Our Development Program Motivates Children to Learn

Our early childhood development program creates a nurturing environment for all children to gain a sense of confidence, make friends, and be motivated to learn new skills. We have trained teachers who periodically organize a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for kids of preschool age. It’s a research-based program focused on the way children learn best, which studies show tends to be by doing. The preschoolers enrolled in our program are 3-5 years old and they participate in fun activities that teach developmental skills while meeting high educational standards at the same time. At The Newcastle School, we believe it’s never too early to set a foundation for life-long learning!

Preschool Registration is Open at The Newcastle School

Since we were founded in 1984, The Newcastle School has consistently set the standard for early preschool education in the Draper, UT, area. We introduce little ones to a comprehensive list of topics that incorporate outdoor recess, reading, structured playtime, and other activities that are designed to engage them in the learning experience. Hands-on learning has been proven to be the most effective way for a child to retain information and build new skills organically. We put a heavy emphasis on socialization because speaking, listening, and cooperating are such a large part of the foundational skills we’re instilling in them.

Get Your Child’s Education Started Early!

We’ll help your child develop the skills necessary to learn, retain information, and succeed in their education. Take a tour at The Newcastle School near Cottonwood Heights, UT, to see for yourself the kind of learning environment we cultivate for our students. Preschool is the perfect time for your child to start socializing and participating in activities that boosts their self-esteem. Taking an early interest in learning will only help them excel in school later on. Take advantage of our early childhood education program and get your child enrolled right away. Registration is open online now!