Early Childhood Learning Center Near Salt Lake City, UT

Preschool education at The Newcastle School is among the best near Salt Lake City, UT. Our program is based on the way that children comprehend and retain information, which is through immersive learning. We have wonderful teachers on our staff who have the training to teach our award-winning curriculum. They provide the support needed for every child to excel alongside their peers and learn skills that will help them continue in school. Our goal is to guide every student towards skill mastery to reach critical developmental milestones. Early childhood learning sets the foundation for lifelong learning, and there’s no better place to begin growing and building confidence. Learn more about what we have to offer and how we’ll help your child become more independent learners.

Research-Based Curriculum for Developmental Progress

Early child learning is done through an award-winning curriculum that is based on research, which shows that the best way for children to learn is by doing. An immersive learning experience is the most effective way to introduce preschool-age children to new skills and concepts. Early childhood education nurtures creativity and captures the attention of our little students, who soak up information like a sponge. Our curriculum is structured around playtime activities and games, including making art, playing music, learning to count, and reciting the alphabet.

We have a structured classroom setting that is mentally stimulating and provides an encouraging environment for learning various topics. Your child will reach developmental milestones by participating in fun and educational activities designed to explore different skill sets. They will build their confidence as they make friends and participate in interactive activities designed for developmental growth. Reach out to us to see our teaching style and how it will benefit your child as they continue through school.

Enriching Environment at Our Award-Winning Preschool

The Newcastle School is a top-rated preschool near the Salt Lake City area with an early childhood development program that meets the highest education standards. Our program is a four-time Best of State because of our reputation for having an excellent child-focused curriculum. We’re a fun and engaging place for children to begin school and set the stage for future learning. It’s never too early to take an interest in education, and we encourage you to give your child a step up by enrolling them right away!

We help children establish good routines and habits to help them do well in school. One of the most valuable skills is the self-help ones that let them become more independent as they observe and problem-solve. While we have an enriching environment and a challenging curriculum, we also offer the support each student needs to excel.

Enroll In Our Early Childhood Development Program

Our early childhood learning center near Salt Lake City accepts new students during open enrollment. The Newcastle School welcomes families to meet our teachers and see our classrooms in action before you decide if this is the right place for your child. We would be happy to answer your question about our curriculum and how we can best meet your child’s individual needs. Our attentive teachers and staff are always in communication with parents to keep you in the loop with everything we’re coordinating in our program. Give us a call at (801) 553-0622 to schedule an appointment in advance of your visiting our center and taking a tour.