Early Childhood Education Near Sandy, UT

Our early childhood learning center focuses on reaching developmental milestones through fun and educational activities. The Newcastle School offers an enriching environment that encourages children to learn new skills through participation and socializing with peers. We have supportive teachers who create a safe and caring place to learn about everything from art and music to letters and numbers. Visit our preschool near Sandy, UT, to see what our center will bring to your child’s education. Meet our teachers to learn more about enrollment and set them up for a successful preschool experience.

Enroll in Our Child Development Program

The teachers in our early childhood development program are professionals with the training to know how to best approach learning for this age group. Our friendly staff is family-focused, which means we make this a welcoming place for children and are always available to speak with parents when they want to check-in. We create a mentally stimulating classroom environment in which kids are introduced to different school subjects through immersive learning experiences. As your child makes friends and explores their creativity, you’ll notice their social skills and confidence grow! Enroll your child in The Newcastle School for an early preschool education that sets the foundation for lifelong learning.

Fun and Educational Research-Based Curriculum

We teach a research-based curriculum centered around fun and educational activities. The children enrolled in early preschool education are 3-5 years old, and it’s proven that they learn best by doing. The hands-on activities we program each month are designed to build routines and self-help skills that nurture independence in young learners. Our award-winning curriculum is challenging enough to stay engaging and interesting as we cover various topics. At the same time, we also remember to make the curriculum developmentally appropriate for children their age. This means we set the pace according to how quickly they grasp concepts and make it easy for them to remember what they’re learning. We pride ourselves on meeting the highest education standards and making it a fun place that children look forward to attending every day. Parents can feel confident knowing we are committed to excellence in everything we do at our center.

Welcome to Our Childhood Learning Center

The Newcastle School is an early childhood learning center that welcomes families in the Sandy area to learn more about enrollment. We are happy to speak with parents and answer your questions about what to expect from our curriculum. Our preschool is an excellent introduction to the structure of a classroom environment because it builds good habits while remembering to make learning a fun and educational experience for all. We have a convenient virtual tour available on our website, so you can see what it’s like before moving forward. Enrollment takes place online, so sign up today and put your child on the right track for academic success.

Register Online for Preschool Near Sandy

Register online for early childhood learning at The Newcastle School near Sandy, UT. Our outstanding teachers are here to guide your child to master skills that will help them reach critical developmental milestones. We cover various school subjects such as literacy, language, and science through immersive activities that facilitate the retention of information. We provide an early developmental program that stands out from the rest because ours is focused on problem-solving and responsive learning. Register online for early preschool education that builds confidence in kids from an early age. Get in touch with us at (801) 553-0622 to learn more about what we have to offer.