Early Childhood Learning Center in Draper, UT

Early childhood education is vital for little ones to start taking an interest in learning. The Newcastle School has been a leading center for child development since 1984. Our top-rated preschool serves families near West Jordan, UT, with a state-of-the-art curriculum in reading and literacy. As a Best of State award winner, you can expect our early childhood learning center to meet the highest educational standards appropriate for their age. You can count on our program to provide a quality education that encourages learning and makes it a fun experience.

It’s Never Too Early for Children to Start Learning

An early preschool education will enhance a child’s curiosity in learning about subjects like basic math, the alphabet, and recognizing patterns or colors. We understand that children learn best by doing, so our curriculum is structured around fun games and activities. Our teachers are extensively trained, and they take pride in being attentive to your child’s educational needs and the pace at which they’re developing new skills. The hands-on approach we take towards preschool education helps our little students get accustomed to the format of a classroom environment. Enrolling your child in our program provides them with valuable skills and habits to help them succeed as they continue through school.

Welcome to Our Early Child Development Program

The Newcastle School has an early child development program that supports preschoolers as they learn new skills. We foster their education through a comprehensive curriculum that teaches kids social skills, builds self-esteem, and sets a foundation for future learning. Our trusted and recognized center serves families in the West Jordan, UT, area with the knowledge and tools to encourage early childhood learning. We help children 3 to 5 years old learn and grow their developmental skill set. The aim is to give your children a positive outlook on education from an early age. Getting involved in their education early on will set them up for success in the years ahead.

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The early childhood development program at The Newcastle School stands heads above the rest because of our commitment to meeting high-quality standards. Our learning center near West Jordan, UT, offers a fun and engaging curriculum that nurtures an interest in education from an early age. Our trained and experienced teachers help children learn critical developmental skills that will set a strong foundation for the rest of their years in school. They will get to socialize and gain confidence while participating in playtime activities they’ll look forward to every day. Registration for preschool is open online now!