Outdoor Play Preschool Near Bluffdale, UT

Outdoor activities for preschoolers allow them to have fun while learning new games and skills. If you’re near the Bluffdale, UT, area, turn to The Newcastle School to give your children the chance to do educational activities outside. Little ones in daycare don’t always learn through in-class instruction alone. Oftentimes getting to play with friends building blocks, using paint brushes, or playing tag is a better way to learn more motor skills and how to socialize with peers. We think of it as a structured recess where they have the freedom to be more creative and imaginative than they could indoors. Take a tour of our school and sign up today!

Educational Outdoor Activities for Kids

Part of a good daycare program is to have fun learning in and out of the classroom. Outdoor playtime is a great way for preschoolers to learn new skills while getting fresh air and sunshine. Playing games outside gives kids the chance to use their imagination, socialize with peers, and do activities that they don’t normally get to do in a classroom environment. When children of this age group learn games and learn to be creative, they reach new developmental milestones. The Newcastle School organizes fun activities that lets children expend their energy outside before heading inside to focus on the curriculum.

These are some of the outdoor activities:

  • Exploring Nature
  • Movement-based activities
  • Building and stacking blocks
  • Water-based outdoor activities
  • Arts and crafts

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Activities?

When preschoolers participate in outdoor activities, it helps them learn in a hands-on way. Kids ages 3 to 5 are at a stage in their development when they can learn quickly, especially when it’s learned in an interactive environment. It also helps them use up their energy, which is important because otherwise it’s hard for them to sit still or focus in the classroom. This is why it’s beneficial for daycares to offer outdoor playtime for toddlers to have fun while participating in educational games. They’ll learn to use tools, recognize patterns, discern colors, improve social skills, and more.

Enroll Your Preschooler at The Newcastle School

The Newcastle School makes outdoor activities for kids an essential part of learning. While in-class instruction is important, being outside is also time well spent. Running, being noisy, and doing messy paint or water-based activities are all possible outside where there is less cleanup necessary. Learn more about the pre-K classes, summer school program, and outdoor play we offer for daycare-aged children. Our comprehensive curriculum is geared towards toddlers from 3 to 5 years old. We’ve been Utah’s Best of State multiple times, and we continue to uphold high standards when it comes to providing an enriching education for our youth.

Learn More About Our Daycare Near Bluffdale, UT

Preschoolers have a lot of fun during outdoor playtime, but they’re also learning to count, share, identify shapes and colors. At The Newcastle School, our experienced instructors make time spent outside more structured with games that encourage socialization and enriching educational experiences. This is why outdoor activities are an integral part of what we do, and why we’re a favorite choice among local parents. Contact us today at (801) 553-0622 to learn more about our program near Bluffdale, UT.