Daycare Outdoor Play in Cottonwood Heights, UT

Getting outside and running around is essential for kids and their early childhood development. Our outdoor activities for preschoolers are excellent for any pre-K experience. The Newcastle School near Cottonwood Heights, UT, offers valuable outdoor activities for preschoolers ages 3 to 5 who will take advantage of the interactive educational experiences provided to them. Young children have energy, so grabbing their attention can be difficult. But, there’s a better chance to do so when they’re able to play around outside. Kids have a knack for learning things such as counting, sorting, or just getting creative when these experiences are brought to their attention. Enroll your child in a daycare that focuses on expanding their personal growth and helping them reach developmental milestones through outdoor activities at The Newcastle School.

Outdoor Play is Perfect for Preschoolers

Our outdoor activities for preschoolers include:

  • Water-based outdoor activities: Whether we’re blowing bubbles or playing with sprinklers, water typically improves the fun of outdoor activities.
  • Arts and crafts: We help kids develop their creative skills and use their imagination by introducing them to paint activities, paper mache, collages, and more.
  • Building and stacking blocks: Blocks are fantastic for learning patterns and developing shape recognition. By sorting balls and stacking blocks, your child will develop important skills.
  • Exploring nature: Being outside means you have more leeway to get messy and play in the grass, in a sandbox, or make nature prints with playdough.
  • Movement: From kicking a ball and obstacle courses to a game of hide-and-seek, the critical part is that kids get a chance to go outside and move!

Enroll in a Daycare with Outdoor Playtime

At The Newcastle School, daycare outdoor play is about being physically active and presenting the children with new learning opportunities. Learning and playing will help them build essential skills. Our outdoor activities for kids will help them gain the social and emotional skills to get along with others, share things, and clean up after themselves.

For a well-rounded education that includes outdoor play, enroll your child at The Newcastle School. We know that learning through play is fundamental. The benefits to children include learning to count and identify shapes, patterns, and colors.

Being outdoors lets kids get some fresh air and move around while building rudimentary skills that they will use when they enter elementary school. Learn more about our outdoor play activities by contacting our preschool at (801) 553-0622.