Outdoor Activities for Preschool Kids in Salt Lake City, UT

Combining fun in-class learning with outdoor activities for preschoolers is the best way to go. At The Newcastle School near Salt Lake City, UT, we know that to be true, and we incorporate outdoor play into our daycare program. Spending time in the sun and running around in the grass is a good way for kids to stay active while participating in fun and educational activities. Discover how beneficial playtime learning can be for preschool-aged children.

Daycare is Fun and Educational With Outdoor Play

Preschoolers at The Newcastle School enjoy learning through play, especially when they get to go outside. Whether they’re painting, playing with water, or racing with each other, our preschool makes learning more fun. Every parent knows how energetic their child can be, which is why we believe it’s so important to incorporate outdoor play into our curriculum.

This is the type of outdoor play our preschool organizes:

  • Exploring Nature: The outdoors gives kids the freedom to get messy, whether playing in a sandbox or running on the grass.
  • Movement-based activities: Exercise is important for toddlers, and it can be as easy as playing a game of hide and seek or organizing a simple obstacle course race.
  • Building and stacking blocks: Sorting through items and building something with them is a great activity that helps with pattern recognition and motor skills.
  • Water-based outdoor activities: They’ll have a field day running through sprinklers, playing with water balloons, and bubble wands.
  • Arts and crafts: Kids can stay entertained for hours being creative and making things with cardboard paper, paint, crayons, and more.

The Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

Being outside and getting exercise is just as important as learning in a classroom setting. Our daycare organizes outdoor activities because it provides kids with the opportunity to learn through play. Preschoolers are typically ages 3 to 5, so it’s difficult for them to sit in their seats and pay attention for extended periods of time. Outdoor activities for kids help them build social skills when they’re playing games, sharing, and cleaning up afterwards. In addition, they’ll get to practice their motor skills during activities like running, stacking blocks, or using paint brushes.

Sign Your Preschooler Up for The Newcastle School

The objective is to have fun while at the same time learning skills like counting, identifying shapes and colors, and playing well with others. The Newcastle School works hard to make this a great learning environment for all kids, and we invite you to learn more about our program today. Contact us today at (801) 553-0622 to learn more about enrollment at our preschool near Salt Lake City.