Outdoor Activities for Kids in South Jordan, UT

It’s important to have a combination of fun outdoor playtime and an engaging curriculum in order to have a well-rounded preschool experience. The Newcastle School near South Jordan, UT, offers outdoor activities for kids ages three to five who benefit from interactive learning games. Preschoolers have a lot of energy, so capturing their attention can be challenging unless you incorporate movement into their routine. Kids have a lot of fun learning to count and sort or simply get creative with new activities. Enroll your child in a school that cares about nurturing their personal growth and helps them reach developmental milestones through play.

Daycare With Outdoor Play Activities

Outdoor activities for preschoolers can include anything from water-based games and paint, to exploring nature and doing obstacle courses. Going outside is about spending time away from the structure of the classroom and getting messy in the grass, under the sun, and moving around. After releasing some of their energy playing outdoors, kids are much more likely to pay attention once they get inside. Doing these activities also gives toddlers a chance to practice using their imagination, building motor skills, and doing things that they naturally gravitate towards.

Our preschoolers have fun doing these outdoor activities:

  • Water-based outdoor activities: Whether we’re making bubbles, pouring, or running through sprinklers, water makes outdoor games that much more fun.
  • Arts and crafts: We help kids be imaginative and creative by introducing them to paint activities, paper mâché, collages and more.
  • Building and stacking blocks: Practice pattern and shape recognition by sorting balls and stacking or building blocks.
  • Exploring nature: Being outside means you have more freedom to get messy and play in the mud, in a sandbox, or making nature prints with playdough.
  • Movement: From sack races and obstacle courses to a game of hide and seek, the important part is that kids get a chance to go outside and move!

Outdoor Play Activities for Your Preschooler

At our preschool, outdoor play is about being active, but also creating a learning opportunity that builds skills. These activities help kids learn the social and emotional skills to play well with others, share toys, and take turns doing activities. Outdoor play gives toddlers the opportunity to practice motor skills that they’ll use when they’re running, throwing a ball, or using arts and crafts materials. Preschoolers will also get a chance to learn to count and identify objects while they are engaged in playtime activities. The Newcastle School is a daycare near South Jordan, UT, where we emphasize the importance of incorporating outdoor activities for kids to get the most of their early childhood education.

Enroll in a Daycare With Fun Outdoor Playtime

Enroll your child in our daycare for them to receive a well-rounded curriculum that includes outdoor play. We believe in the importance of learning through play and the benefits that it provides to children as they begin to count and identify shapes and colors. Being outside lets kids get some fresh air and move around while developing skills that they will build on as they enter elementary school. Learn more about our outdoor play activities by reaching out to our preschool at (801) 553-0622.