Outdoor Play Preschool in West Jordan, UT

Preschoolers gain new skills through fun outdoor play in a daycare-like environment that assists in their learning. The Newcastle School near West Jordan, UT, knows that kids of that age group aren’t used to being in a classroom for extended periods of time and benefit from doing activities outside. Our outdoor activities for kids are like a structured recess, where they can learn while spending time running in the sun and grass. Take a tour of our preschool and learn more about our program to see why we’re a favorite among parents in the area.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

Outdoor play activities should be fun for kids while at the same time being a great way to learn new skills. The Newcastle School helps preschoolers reach developmental milestones through games that they can participate in outside of the classroom. These fun outdoor activities include playing with water-soaked sponges, racing, or painting to name a few. Learning is more fun when you get to step away from the usual classroom environment and get some fresh air. Our daycare makes time for kids to go outside and play because we know just how energetic they can be.

These are the types of activities we incorporate into our preschool curriculum:

  • Movement-based activities: Toddlers need exercise, and it’s important because it helps them expend a lot of energy. Even simply playing games like hide and seek or going through an obstacle course can be a good way to learn to play with others and use their imagination.
  • Exploring Nature: Messier, water-based activities can be done outside where there’s less clean up on the grass or pavement.
  • Arts and crafts: Painting, making things out of paper, or coloring lets kids be creative and it entertains them for hours.
  • Water-based outdoor activities: On field days, kids do relay races through sprinklers, play with bubble wands, and water balloons.
  • Building and stacking blocks: Sorting and building are also simple activities that help preschoolers learn motor skills and pattern recognition.

Outdoor Activities for Kids are Educational

The Newcastle School is an alternate daycare near West Jordan, UT, that makes outdoor play a key part of learning. Toddlers ages 3 to 5 are energetic students, so it’s typically hard for them to sit still in a classroom all day. We’ve found it more beneficial for them to learn through doing fun and educational activities. These activities are a good way to get exercise and expend energy while improving on motor skills, socializing, and pattern recognition. Getting outside for fresh air and sunlight is just as important as learning in a classroom setting. Plus, kids learn to use tools like paint brushes, stack blocks, and run around with their peers. We give our students the opportunity to play games because we understand that it’s hard to hold their attention through classroom instruction alone. They learn to build social skills such as sharing and cleaning up after themselves.

Enroll in Our Daycare Near West Jordan

When you’re looking for a daycare program to enroll in, it’s important to consider how much time is spent in and out of the classroom. At The Newcastle School, we make it a point to include some outdoor play activities for our preschoolers because we understand the importance of movement when it comes to teaching little ones. We encourage parents to learn more about our Pre-K classes and summer school program, which offers a comprehensive learning environment for toddlers ages 3 to 5. As a school that’s received Utah’s Best of State multiple times, you can count on us to provide your child with an enriching educational experience. Enroll at our Pre-K school near West Jordan, where we make outdoor activities for kids an important part of learning.

Sign Your Preschooler Up for Our Daycare

We make sure your child has fun learning to identify shapes and colors, count, as well as share and play with others. The experienced instructors at The Newcastle School make it a priority to provide preschoolers with a fun, enriching, and educational environment for kids. Get in touch with us at (801) 553-0622 to learn more and sign up for our outdoor activities near West Jordan, UT.