Child Development Daycare Serving Salt Lake Valley

Finding a safe environment for young children while parents or guardians fulfill their daily obligations is challenging enough without also expecting to get a program focusing on high-quality child development. The Newcastle School in Draper, Utah, provides daycare services for the Salt Lake Valley that not only supervise children during the day but also instill a sense of value and a lifelong love of learning that will carry into adulthood.

How Does Being in Daycare Help Child Development And You?

Our highly-rated daycare facility in Draper, Utah, strives to play a pivotal role in fostering a harmonious work/life balance for families. One of the primary benefits of any daycare is providing a secure environment for young children so parents or guardians can confidently fulfill their daytime responsibilities. Beyond mere supervision, our daycare nurtures children by facilitating the development of essential social interaction skills and fostering learning through age-appropriate activities.

Through personalized attention and structured programs, children receive the same enriching experiences they would at home, ensuring a holistic approach to their growth and development. The time spent at our daycare will serve children throughout their academic, social, and professional endeavors, ultimately contributing to a more balanced and fulfilling life for the entire family.

Our balanced approach to daycare for Salt Lake Valley residents is also reflected in the size of our childcare groups-to-staff ratio. Smaller class sizes have long been recognized as facilitating a higher level of teacher-student interaction and fostering a more effective learning environment. The Newcastle School adheres to this philosophy in our academic setting, and it can be equally effective for our daycare facility in Draper, Utah.

Our commitment to providing a nurturing environment featuring individualized attention ensures that your child receives the best possible benefits from daycare.

Beneficial features of daycare at The Newcastle School include:

Caring Staff

Quality Child Care

Strong Student-Teacher-Parent Relationships

Age-appropriate Activities

Staffed by Caring Professionals

Mission Statement: Our mission is to nurture and encourage social and physical development while providing exceptional care in an environment where your children feel safe and valued. We know the critical markers and milestones in your growing kids’ lives, and we help them stay within or exceed the benchmarks for their age.

Most parents or guardians’ biggest concern when considering daycare is the caliber and dedication of the staff entrusted with their children’s care and development. Our team of caring professionals is invested in every child’s emotional, physical, and intellectual development. With a steadfast commitment to safety and growth, our staff navigates the delicate balance between providing a secure environment and guiding children through some of their earliest and most important milestones.

We strive for enhanced student-teacher communication and foster deep connections between teachers, parents, and children. Our commitment to collaboration and open communication is pivotal in creating a supportive environment where guardians can see for themselves the benefits our high-caliber daycare in Draper, Utah, provides.

Within our nurturing environment, children are immersed in fun-filled activities and presented with age-appropriate challenges designed to stimulate their cognitive and physical development. Equipped with the necessary tools and guidance, they are empowered to meet and exceed emotional and intellectual benchmarks, laying a solid foundation for future success.

Gain peace of mind knowing that your child’s safety and development are looked after by a staff with decades of collective experience. We are a bilingual facility able to serve a diverse array of families in the Salt Lake Valley. Invest in your little ones’ future by placing them in a nurturing and enriching experience that will leave a lasting impact.

What Is the Best Age To Start Daycare?

The ideal age to start daycare varies depending on individual circumstances and family needs. Our daycare facility in Draper, Utah, accepts children from 2 to 5 years old. Starting daycare in this age range can provide valuable socialization opportunities and early learning experiences that contribute to a child’s overall development. You may want to consider your work schedule and whether you feel your child is ready for social interactions outside of the home when deciding on enrollment.

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Located at 12257 South 800 East, Draper, Utah

Ages 2-5

Hours – 7:00 am-6:00 pm

Enrollment – Full-day program only

Daycare can be much more than a place for parents or guardians to drop off their kids while they work or take care of daytime responsibilities. Take advantage of your child’s formative years through our high-quality, developmental-focused program.

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