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This is a copy of the review I recently posted to I could have added that I’ve been a social worker for 17 years, working both at DCFS and as a child therapist. I consider myself fairly particular when it comes to professionals involved with my children and places my children are allowed to go without me. That said, I have loved everything about your school, your program and your staff. You all do a wonderful job! Tess Hortin

“We can’t say enough about Newcastle. We always tell people it has all the structure, science, and organization of a large, well-established school. But it has an intimate, warm and personal feel. The entire well-trained, highly qualified staff get to know the children. That always seems remarkable to me as there are a number of children enrolled annually. Our son attended the pre-K classes and was very well-prepared for Kindergarten. Our daughter is in a 3 year old class and loves it. The teachers maintain a quiet control through Love and Logic that affords the children safety and confidence. At the same time, the children feel loved and respected enough to express, explore and play. The curriculum is comprehensive and well-rounded. Children have access to a wonderful music teacher, a customized outdoor play area, multiple classrooms, art projects, creative toys and experiential learning. We have been impressed with the level of communication available to parents with both teachers and the owners/directors. We have often said the only reason we would take our children to another preschool would be a move out of state. Even then, we might consider the drive…”