“Newcastle Preschool was the right choice for my children”

Each one of my four children have attended Newcastle Preschool from 2001-2008. I drive past many other preschools on my way to and from Newcastle.

Newcastle Preschool was the right choice for my children. Each child thrived in the structured environment which provided the right mix between academics and socialization. Each one of the teachers is well qualified and trained in early childhood education. Kathleen Jensen is a wonderful director and gave us wonderful parenting advice. All four of our kids experienced some separation anxiety. Kathleen took the time to call us on the phone to suggest a plan on how to help the children adjust well to preschool. The teachers and staff at the school each were aware of the plan and worked together to help the children adjust to the new environment.

My kids loved all the art projects, playground, singing time, computer classes and especially Daddy Day. The teachers each made a big impact on each one of our children. We loved the pictures that the school sends home periodically of our kids participating in the activities at school. I love when they ask me to come and volunteer to help the children read, because the teachers and staff make me feel welcome and part of the school system.

I am really sad that I have no more children who will be able to attend Newcastle and that my experience with the school is coming to a close.

Corey Fairholm
Mother of Emily, Connor, Blake and Don
South Jordan, Utah

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