What Your Child Should Know Canyons School District

What should my child know and be able to do to be prepared for kindergarten? Here’s the answer from our local school district.

“Canyons School District Pre-K Skills Checklist”

Self-Help Skills I can eat independently. I can use the restroom independently. I can remove outerwear (coats, gloves). I can clean up after myself. I am curious to try new things.
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Social/Emotional Skills I listen while others speak. I show concern for others. I share materials and take turns. I persist in completing tasks.
Newcastle Table Play Sequence

Small Motor Skills I can hold pencils, crayons correctly. I hold scissors correctly. I can build with blocks. I can make objects with play dough. I can put together simple puzzles.

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Math Skills I can count to ten. I can create groups of up to five objects. I can place like items together (red cars and blue cars). I can identify and name the shapes (circle, triangle, etc.).

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Language Skills I can speak in complete sentences. I listen and respond to stories and books. I express my feelings and ideas. I respond when spoken to.

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Literacy Skills I identify 10 + letters of the alphabet, especially those in my name. I use pictures or inventive spelling to “write” stories and ideas. I use real or made-up letters to “write” stories and ideas. My vocabulary includes color words, body parts, and positional words (e.g., in/out). I can identify signs, symbols, or logos. Phonological awareness: I can clap or count how many words are in a sentence. I can clap how many syllables are in the words (especially family names).  
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