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Interesting educational links to other sites for Utah parents.

Utah Preschools: Web Directories for finding Preschools

For similar information click here: Link to UTAH PRESCHOOL DIRECTORIES

The web directories listed here can help you search for preschools in Utah. Some have preschool profiles, pictures and parent reviews. Remember, though, the best information will come from the school’s own website and by your personal tour of the school.

Information For Parents about Draper Preschools

An information site specifically focused on Draper, Utah. Includes profiles and directories of containing all preschools in Draper City.

Link to Preschool-Draper.Com Website

Salt Lake Preschool Information Site

General information site for parents in the Salt Lake County area. Contains tips for parents, search engines, web directories and an abundance of great links to help parents choose among preschool programs in the Salt Lake area.

Link to Preschool-Salt Lake.Com Website

Utah Preschool Resources – Information For Parents

A general information site that provides information to parents of 3-5 year olds searching for the right preschool. Plenty of tips for parents including an overview of elements of preschool pricing in the region.

Link to Utah Preschool Resources Website

Topics In Early Childhood Education (Blog)

U. of U. Professor John Funk blog about Early Childhood Education including philosophy and developmentally appropriate practices.

Link To Topics in Early Childhood Education Blog

Love and Logic Parenting Courses in Utah

This site provides detailed information and links on Love and Logic Courses in Utah.

Link To Love and Logic Utah.Com

A wonderful site that has a wealth of research-backed information to help parents with education choices for their children. Go to the site and click on “Preschool” for an abundance of great helps for parents.

Draper & Sandy Preschool Information for Parents (Blog)

An information forum for Draper and Sandy parents about preschool education research, age-appropriate academics for preschool age children, preschool teaching strategies and ways to find good preschools in Draper and Sandy.

Preschool Information for Parents in Draper and Sandy

Potty Training Support Group

Need potty training advice? Join’s “The Potty Training Moms Support Group!” This group has almost 3,000 members and it contains everything you’ll ever want to know about potty training.

Link To Potty Training Support Group

Early Childhood Education Information (NAEYC)

National Association for the Education of Young Children. Its focus is on the quality of educational and developmental services for children from birth through age 8. Newcastle has been a member of this organization for many years. Good resources for parents and teachers here.

NAEYC Website

Interesting educational links to other sites for Utah parents.


An informative site for parents to evaluate schools.

Bailie’s Gymnastics

Bailie’s is a great gymnastics academy in Draper

Preschooler Moms Support Site

This is a group on with general information applicable to moms with preschoolers in Utah.

Preschooler Moms


This is an affiliated site of Discount School Supply. It has a wealth of information pertinent to Salt Lake and Utah parents of preschoolers in a section called “Early Childhood News.”

Link To EarlyChildhood.Com

Whole Child Education Information (ASCD)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Newcastle is a member of this organization. Resources for parents and teachers in regards to developing children in a comprehensive and age-appropriate manner.

A.S.C.D. Website

The Child Literacy Centre

This UK based site has some very sound and age-appropriate protocols for teaching young children to read. Written by Nicola Morgan MA, Dip RSA, an expert teacher and author of around 80 educational books, this site also gives simple background information that applies equally to Utah preschool age children as well.

Art and Creativity in Preschool (Blog)

This is an outstanding web site for parents of preschoolers and teachers of preschoolers in Utah. It is the personal website of Anna Reyner is a nationally recognized arts advocate who is dedicated to helping people get in touch with their own creativity. Anna has conducted over 500 national and international hands-on art workshops and is a registered art therapist. She received her Masters Degree in Expressive Art Therapy from the University of Louisville and her Bachelors Degree in Art and Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University. Anna maintains an active art studio in her Los Angeles home where she lives with her husband and two children.

Link To Art and Creativity in Preschool

Love and Logic Institute

Love and Logic Home Site (Denver)

Jordan District ALPs Application

Accelerated Learning Program for Grades 1-9. Application deadline is usually the last week of January for the next school year.

Jordan District ALPs Application

Preschool Rock Website

A cool site with lots of great info for parents

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