“Pediatrician Approved”

“We chose Newcastle immediately upon visiting and we have been delighted with the school. Our daughter’s teacher truly cares about her and gives kind and loving feedback. During the days I have volunteered at the school, I’ve witnessed firsthand her patience and acceptance. The Love and Logic discipline system used at the school means I never hear a sharp or harsh word directed at any child. The teachers refer to the children respectfully as “friends”. The curriculum is age appropriate and adjusted to meet the needs of each individual child. The outdoor play area is my favorite feature. The tree house, giant covered sand box and the slides are filled with happy, exuberant children. It is an ideal school playground. Finally, there is Miss Amber’s music class. I’ve been amazed at the level of music teaching. It’s much more than singing a few songs. Rhythm, beginning music terms and pitch are incorporated subtly and recurrently in her teaching. We plan to continue with the school as long as our daughter can go.”

Lisa Palmieri, MD Pediatrician

February 2008
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