Educational Costs for Preschool

There are no hidden costs to attend Newcastle Preschool.

There are no hidden costs to attend Newcastle Preschool.

Preschool may seem like an unnecessary expense, but a quality education partnered with social skills started while a child is young, provides them with an advantage they carry throughout their life. The two primary benefits that preschool attendance provides children occur in either the educational realm or the social aspect. At the Newcastle School, we believe you cannot put a dollar amount on the value of a good education gained through early learning.

How Much Is Preschool Tuition?

The national average cost for preschool is between $372 to $1100 monthly. The amount is so diverse due to factors like frequency of attendance, hours per session, state of residence, and more. Pre-K tuition costs vary within the same city, often within the same neighborhood. As a parent, you may find yourself asking if preschool is worth the cost? To answer that question, you would first have to identify the reasons behind why you are sending your child to preschool, then decide if the facility you chose provides what you are looking for. From there, you can start to evaluate if the cost of your preschool is equal to the services gained and the care you child is receiving. The question is not “Is the cost of a Pre-K education worth it?” but rather, “Am I receiving what I need or expected for the amount of money I am spending?”

Is the Cost of Preschool Worth It?

When you change the conversation to a viewpoint of wondering if your children are growing, learning, and developing in a way that you approve of. If your children are healthy, becoming more emotionally intelligent, can listen to and follow directions, and possess the social skills necessary to interact well with others? Do you feel that your children truly benefit from the time they spend in preschool? There are long-reaching advantages for pre-school education, and according to recent studies, specialists are finding that children who attend quality preschools display greater academic skills and a larger capacity for self-regulating behavior than their counterparts who didn’t attend preschool. Children in Pre-K learning programs gain advantages that benefit them through the course of their education and throughout their life—benefits like a robust vocabulary acquired through socializing with other children and an engaging literacy program provide a foundation for a child’s academic success.

The Value of Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Newcastle School in Draper, UT, is among one the most highly rated preschool for children ages two and a half to five. The Newcastle Preschool bases all of our curriculum and methods on solid science that delivers proven results. We believe that children learn best in a secure environment that they enjoy spending time in. Our educators make learning fun, and over the years our flexible program has grown and improved to meet the needs of the children we teach. We began by researching various disciplines and consulting with educators from multiple schools and educational facilities, to develop a Pre-Kindergarten program designed to provide children with a firm foundation and love of learning they carry through their life.

As we teach your children, we strive to instill:

  • Independence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • The ability to give and take
  • Purpose
  • The importance of completing an action
  • Working with peers

Our location is situated perfect for those who live in Salt Lake Valley and Northern Utah County. We invite you to schedule a visit and see what we are able to offer your preschool aged child. Newcastle School’s carefully balanced and age-targeted curriculum is regarded as Salt Lake’s most comprehensive Pre-K experience.

Newcastle Pricing 2024-2025

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